How can i retrieve data from a broken samsung phone?

There are a few main parts which are necessary for data recovery.

Broken screen? No touch but can see the screen still?

In most cases when a screen is broken, touch is lost, but you can still see the screen. If this is the current situation you’re in, and you need your precious data, then we have a solution for you. By using a USB OTG adapter you can plug in a mouse to your phone, and you can control the screen and enter your password by the mouse – this allows you to backup your data to the cloud rather than getting it repaired.

If you have multiple problems with your phone, then the repair starts to become a little more complex and may take a little more time. If you just have a broken screen, then you will need to get the screen replaced in-order to see your precious data. If you have a bad screen and a broken chargeport, and you’d like your data on a Computer/USB, then we would have to fix both so that we can connect it to a computer. 

Retreiving data depends on the problem:

Depending on the problems you’re having, Rossmann Repair Group will be able to help you out regardless. We will give you the best option possible to you so that we can have you up and running in no time with your precious data. Data recovery on these ranges from $300-$650 depending on how bad the problem is on your specific device, and you only pay if we can get the data! Feel free to come to our store, or send your device into us if outside Austin. You’re also welcome to call or email us if you have any questions. 

When it comes to liquid damaged phones, we retrieve the data using a process that makes sense from the start – same as with our Macbook and iPhone repair services. We remove the shields, we address the liquid damage, we replace what is corroded, we fix corroded traces & vias, and remove unnecessary circuitry that hampers our likelihood of retrieving data off of a compromised device. 

We can recover data from broken Samsung Galaxy Phones after water damage!

Samsung phones have motherboards, same as a computer. The chips & components on the board are covered by soldered on shields, to keep RF out. If your Samsung Galaxy is damaged by water for instance, it’s a normal practice for a repair facility to try cleaning the phone. Unfortunately, few repair know how to do this properly. Some try cleaning the board without removing the shields since they do not know how to desolder them, or do not wish to take the time to perform this time-consuming process.

Imagine cleaning a phone board like taking a bath without removing your suit. How will you clean your skin if you are wearing a jacket? How does drying something dirty make it better?

Is your Samsung Galaxy broken even with no liquid damage? We can still get its data!

Sometimes a power management IC dies, or maybe something else on the board has gone kaput – regardless, we can usually use the same techniques used by our Macbook logic board repair service to get the data off of your phone, even if it is dead.

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