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Retina Macbook Pro Repair - we're ready for it!

The Retina Macbook Pro is not a simple machine to repair. The Retina Macbook Pro is touted as being an unrepairable laptop. We don't think it's unrepairable, but it certainly is a pain in the ass! Today I'd like to go over a few common issues that repair shops will face when working on a […]

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How to craft a warranty policy that suits your business.

Let's look at why having a clear warranty policy is important. Click here for a review of a good local business. Prior to reading this, to put it in proper context, I would suggest you check out this article on how Apple has admitted manufacturing faulty power buttons on the IPhone 5, in addition to […]

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How supplier relations work. Success & failure is based on how you source your parts.

Good supplier relations help create success. Early on, I wasn't working with a lot of money, nor with a known reputation. Sure, I had a reputation from repairing studio gear, but that doesn't translate over into what I was trying to do in this business. What gave me my competitive edge early on were my […]

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Adhesives separate the failures from the professionals.

Adhesives make the tech. If you repair Apple products, adhesives are everything. Adhesives separate the people who have no clue from the people who do the job properly. Apple products are held together with various adhesives, and if you don't know what to use to put them back together, you'll never get far. You can […]

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iPhone & iPad parts - what matters, and where we source it from.

Today, we're doing something unorthodox. Most businesses in this industry refuse to give away information. We'll be doing just that - I'm going to tell you Who we purchase iPhone/iPad/iPod replacement parts from. Why we purchase these parts from them. What we look for when purchasing parts. Our iParts come from Jack Telecom. Jack Telecom […]

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Macbook glass - why you shouldn't buy off eBay & Amazon.

Price isn't everything. I've always been outspoken against price shopping for parts to repair laptops. You want to arrange by lowest price – you'll get precisely what you bargain for, and eBay & Amazon are two of the worst cespools when it comes to purchasing repair parts. Good Macbook glass aint cheap! Today I'd like […]

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Will the Chinese keyboard feel the same as the original?

We received this question from Youtube, and I figured I'd share with the audience. I've been watching your video on the a1466 keyboard replacement debating on whether i need to replace it so I decided to ask you directly. I broke my tab key as in i broke the metal clip that holds the plastic […]

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Criticism of Verizon FIOS deployment in New York City, my thoughts.

There's been a lot of criticism of FIOS in Austin as they have not fulfilled their obligations to wire the entire city. The only way to get a franchise agreement, was to agree to wire just about all of the city. They certainly knew this was impossible, but what many pundits do not understand is […]

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