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Adhesives for sale.

There are no fewer holy wars in the repair community than in regards to adhesives. Which is precisely why I am trolling and saying - this is the best. Use it for damn near everything. https://www.rossmanngroup.com/shop/product-category/adhesives/

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The "original screen" myth - what you didn't know about the screen you were told was original.

We get asked about whether we use original screens to fix iPhones on a regular basis. We're compared to cheaper places that say they use original parts all the time. I want to clarify for a moment what "original parts" can be, and why the two words "original part" are not enough to make an […]

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What's in a warranty? And what should you expect when you service an old computer?

I've put a fair amount of brain-time into replying to this thread on macrumors. I feel like it's worth tossing on the site. Several arguments are going on here, from whether it is ethical to have a short warranty timeframe, whether you should expect an older Apple device to fail post repair. The thread is […]

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ASUS can suck it

I'm going to start copying and pasting generic shit to every customer who emails me just like ASUS.   RicardoHello Louis Rossmann, thank you for contacting ASUS support. Please give me a few moments to review your information. I will be with you shortly. How may I assist you today? Louis Rossmann I have an […]

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Glass? LCD? What do you mean, it's all just a screen to me...

You'll often hear us ask you which is broken - the glass, the LCD, or both. For iPad, iPhones, Macbooks.. let me explain how this works. On the iPad and iPhone. The iPad has a glass touchscreen that you touch. This is the part that is exposed, and most often breaks. The iPad has an […]

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What success is - what success isn't.

I feel like buying 500 screens from techrepairparts.com , copying their warranty stamp, and putting their stamp onto every lcd in my defects pile and sending it back to them after a nice chargeback. 100% full on plagiarizing  is bullshit. This happened to us a few years ago... and you see what happens. Compare this company […]

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iMac repair - we do that.

The most often  asked questions as someone walks in here are usually a) "Are you only mac?" b) "Do you just do laptops?" The answer to both is a resounding NO! iMacs may not be portable, but they are made without the average user in mind - just like most Apple products, and we do […]

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Why cheap ASUS Nexus tablets suck.

I have a Nexus 7 tablet. I bought this thing for about $200 after coupon codes, and I got exactly what I expected when I spent $200 to get a Tegra 3, 720p display, & 32 GB of storage; a buggy pile of shit. I used it for months and it worked great, outside the […]

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Our policy on breaking the phone a 2nd time.

Outside the 1% of the cases where there is some legitimate nonsense involved, we're not replacing a screen again for free if you crack it. Explanation below.     Anyone who has been in this business for long enough has heard the plight of the person whose phone cracked again "out of nowhere".... honestly, if […]

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