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Louis Rossmann’s rants, tips, and ideas on the laptop repair industry.
Hey asshole, learn how to talk to women.

Nothing is more pathetic than a man who speaks differently to men then to women. Men who pump themselves up by beating down on who they perceive as weaker. Someone calls and doesn’t like the price of something and calls the receptionist a bitch. The male technciian calls him back very politely to discuss this […]

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A how to – fixing the newer 13.3″ Macbook Air screen for A1369 & A1466 models.

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How we set our labor rates – what our time is worth.

  Today I’d like to talk about how to set labor rates.   This sees to be incredibly polarized – older technicians often do not mind charging whatever they can get, whereas younger technicians price jobs based on how easy the job is to them. I will have to plead guilty to the former for […]

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Red light coming out of Macbook your headphone jack? We’ll fix it!

We’ll replace your Unibody Macbook Pro’s headphone jack if you broke your headphones off in it, or if you damaged the switch. Same day service if we’re not crazy busy, too.   Yeah, it aint cheap. Then again, everyone else is telling you to replace the board and charging $375+, and this is […]

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The definition of a no-fix.

If a technician wants me to walk them through their job, they’d better be an employee or a paying customer.

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Stop suing review sites and work on your business.

It’s obvious for anyone who follows my posts that I am not a fan of Yelp! “elite” culture. I don’t subscribe to the idea of armchair connoisseurs who self-appoint themselves to the position of judge, jury, & executioner of local businesses. At the same time, my heart pumps piss for crybabies who blame online reviews […]

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A1369 13.3″ Macbook Air Screen repair now available!

Check it out.    

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Who’s the dick?

Customer service at Rossmann Repair.

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Our Brooklyn store is closed. Check us out in Manhattan!

Dear Brooklyn, WE TRIED! I told you it’d be $60 to fix your iPhone 4S, and you looked at me and said – SIXTY DOLLARS?! I told you it’d cost $40 to remove the virus & cleanup your computer, and you looked at me and said FORTY DOLLARS?! I told you it’d cost $90 to […]

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