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Louis Rossmann’s rants, tips, and ideas on the laptop repair industry.
Macbook glass - why you shouldn't buy off eBay & Amazon.

Price isn't everything. I've always been outspoken against price shopping for parts to repair laptops. You want to arrange by lowest price – you'll get precisely what you bargain for, and eBay & Amazon are two of the worst cespools when it comes to purchasing repair parts. Good Macbook glass aint cheap! Today I'd like […]

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What success is - what success isn't.

I feel like buying 500 screens from , copying their warranty stamp, and putting their stamp onto every lcd in my defects pile and sending it back to them after a nice chargeback. 100% full on plagiarizing  is bullshit. This happened to us a few years ago... and you see what happens. Compare this company […]

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Why cheap ASUS Nexus tablets suck.

I have a Nexus 7 tablet. I bought this thing for about $200 after coupon codes, and I got exactly what I expected when I spent $200 to get a Tegra 3, 720p display, & 32 GB of storage; a buggy pile of shit. I used it for months and it worked great, outside the […]

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Our policy on breaking the phone a 2nd time.

Outside the 1% of the cases where there is some legitimate nonsense involved, we're not replacing a screen again for free if you crack it. Explanation below.     Anyone who has been in this business for long enough has heard the plight of the person whose phone cracked again "out of nowhere".... honestly, if […]

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Apple raiding small shops that do repairs. Attention: WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REPAIR YOUR GARBAGE.

I would highly suggest anyone reading this seriously consider writing their local politican to tell them how fucked up it is that Apple is using federal law enforcement as their personal mafia. If you've ever dropped a phone and had it fixed for $120 less than Apple's quote while keeping your data, this is an […]

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One of the reasons Yelp! sucks

A large reason Yelp! sucks, IMO, is that people are often rating products or services from an ignorant point of view. Take this example below. I'm fairly certain the person writing this has no experience in this industry. So they have no idea that the best cellphone motherboard component level repair shops in New York […]

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You don't get to choose what's broken.

Like problems in life, you have to deal with your actual problem - not the problem you think you have. Here's why I'm not much of a fan of people with self prescribed solutions to non-existant problems.  

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The Nexus 7 - or another reason I love to bash Apple products.

I fucked up this Nexus 7 that I just bought. Dropped it into a sink full of water. No more power button. 🙁 I was dreading opening this. I don't have a Hakko at home, any prytools.. but wait. This ISN'T some overpriced, nonsensically put together Apple piece of crap! There may be ANOTHER WAY. […]

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Why technicians lie - some insight into why we bullshit you(and why you might deserve it).

  Oftentimes technicians do lie to customers. In part 1 of this important series, we explore a great reason technicians lie. Allow me to explain.   Consumers are often more than happy to pay $20, $50, $150, or $250 to have their problem fixed. They are not happy once they know how their problem was […]

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